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About Titan Blue Australia

Dedicated to developing fresh and creative web solutions that drive strong business results.

Where traffic flows, business grows™

Who we are

Titan Blue Australia is a multi-talented Internet production group dedicated to developing fresh and creative web solutions that drive strong business results.

The long-term collaborative relationships we have forged with our clients and our innovative high-tech solutions have created new business opportunities, new markets, improved customer relations, and broadened scopes of services for those we serve.

We combine imaginative ideas with sophisticated principles of design to create Web sites that are visually stimulating, effectively organised and easy to navigate.

We also manage and maintain a scalable, flexible, and reliable hosting environment for our clients. We analyse traffic statistics and make design recommendations on a continuing basis. We enjoy our reliability rate of 100% up-time. A record we’re very proud to hold.

Titan Blue Australia have a loyal customer base because we deliver what we promise, on time, and stand behind our work.

Our sites are custom designed to your needs. To design your site, we would first define your requirements, make some recommendations of our own and then, based on your decisions, we create and present a prototype, add your content, and submit it to you for approval.

Whatever your needs are, we will always do our best to meet them.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

What we do

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How we Work

Let’s face it, you have the idea and we’re here to make it happen. Working with us is a fun and enjoyable journey and our growing clientele speaks for itself.  We cant wait to welcome you aboard.

  • 01 design

    Let the magic begin! We will produce a visual design of the solution and work alongside you to lockdown the style, features and components together. A fun phase where we make sure your vision is achieved.

  • 02 build

    It's time to bring your vision to life! We go into build mode to develop your new website, mobile application or online strategy. Our collaborative approach ensures you and your team are on the ride with us with periodic snapshots of the solution being released for your review.

  • 03 Fine Tuning

    Things begin to get exciting! Working together, we begin to fine tune the solution. We will be testing against a number of browser's and mobile devices so we cover most bases.

  • 04 launch

    It's time to celebrate! We publish your solution online and we can hear the crowd going wild. But we're not done yet! We will help to train you on how to manage your new website and/or mobile application first hand.

  • 05 Maintenance

    We are here... always! Websites are no longer a “set and forget” part of your business. As technology evolves, website software is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster and more visible to search engines. We strongly encourage our clients to have a website care plan in place. Heck, it's cheaper to maintain than to fix.

What our clients say