7 ways to get more social media engagement

Social Media Marketing Cronulla

Is your business ‘social media shy’?

Does the idea of social media marketing fill you with dread? 

For many business owners, it can be a daunting task that quickly gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. 

It’s easy to neglect your social media pages, but by doing so, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to engage customers. The thing is, it’s really not as difficult as it looks! 

One of the biggest challenges my clients struggled with when it came to social media was not knowing where to start. 

They’d usually set up their pages, create a couple of posts here and there, and not see much engagement. As a result, they became disheartened and left their pages to stagnate. 

Engagement is the currency of social media. In order to get it, you need to generate conversations. You need to be posting quality content that encourages comments, discussion, and interaction. 

Social media is the perfect vehicle to share content that your audience can form an instant connection with. 

What many businesses get wrong is that they only use social media to advertise their products or services, neglecting the opportunity for conversation. That’s the digital equivalent of walking into a party and shouting the same thing over and over while ignoring everybody there. 

That’s not to say you can’t sell on social media, of course you can. But if you want to build a loyal following who will not only buy from you but also recommend you, you need to engage with them first.

I’m going to share a few tips with you right now that will help the cogs to start turning in your mind for the next time you post. 

  1. Know your audience – Having a clear idea of who your audience is will be key in creating content they want to see. Who are they? What are their interests? Where do they spend their time online? What do they engage with most?
  2. Keep your content consistent – Just like your website, your social media posts should have consistent content and stay true to your brand. If content creation isn’t your strong point, you can hire a copywriter or social media manager to ensure your tone stays on brand.
  3. Show your personality – Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your posts. Your followers want to talk to a person!
  4. Ask questions – If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people love to share their opinions. Posting questions is a great way to encourage a conversation. Try to think of topics that your audience would be interested in.
  5. Interact with your followers – This isn’t just confined to answering a question here and there. Try to comment on replies left by your followers if you can. You could ask them a follow-up question, or if they’ve posted something you relate to, continue the conversation!
  6. Visual variety – Include imagery and videos in your posts. Not only can images tell a bigger story, they can instantly catch the attention of somebody scrolling through their feed. Videos can keep your followers on your post for longer too, especially if you’re selling a product.
  7. Stick to a schedule – A huge cause of low engagement is a lack of regular posts. If you don’t stay visible to your followers, it’s hard for them to remember you. Schedule your posts at the beginning of the week so that you’re sharing regular content and staying in their mind.

I hope you found these pointers helpful, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to talk about this more!

To your success,

Richie – Creative Director

Why it’s important to get your business online now

Why It’s Important To Get Your Business Online Now

Online Ecommerce Websites will thrive in the current climate.

Let us get your business online and take it to the next level?

With the current events surrounding COVID-19, more and more businesses are having to shut their doors and cease trading due to government public safety measures.  Such an unfortunate time for all business owners.

Well, is it?  Sure, we have a changing landscape on how we do business during this time, one thing is for sure, if you’re to survive this wave, then your business shouldn’t stop now.

Here at Titan Blue Australia, we have helped many brick and mortar businesses start a business online channel through means of an online shopping website, a mobile application or even a social media marketing campaign to build awareness.  We begin with a free online consultation (using zoom or via telephone) to understand your current business processes.  Once we have assessed the situation, we then move toward putting together a digital strategy plan.

We generally get a business online between 4-8 working days at most.

So if you have a local business, like a restaurant or café, why not consider to offer your wonderful meals as part of a delivery or pick-up service?  As more and more of us are ‘self-isolating’, this gives people the time and opportunity to search the web.  You can offer your customers the ability to order online.  Our ecommerce online store solutions will have you going in no time at all.

What about social media?  About 95% of online users have access to social media accounts.  Updating or creating your social media accounts is crucial to spread the news about your new business service.  Its also a good means to communicate directly with your customers.  Again, we can get your social media accounts organised fast!

Here are some quick links to getting you online today;

  1. Need a Website?
  2. Help me get my products online.
  3. I need to get social with my customers. Please show me how.
  4. I need to reach more customers during this time.
  5. I need the support of a trusted digital service provider.

So why not take advantage of these crazy times by offering your customers a new way to do business online with you?  

Message us today and we can organise a quick call or ZOOM session to get acquainted.

Let Titan Blue Australia help get your business online through this very difficult period and let’s see it through to the other end together.  We are open for ‘business as usual’ so don’t hesitate and call or message us today

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Why Website Maintenance is Key to a Successful Website

Why Website Maintenance is Key to a Successful Website

Just like any software, websites require maintenance to keeping the site working properly.

Avoiding website maintenance is like not having regular oil changes on your vehicle. You wouldn’t drive your car very long if you didn’t look after its maintenance, would you?


Well, the same process is true for your website. Your website should always be live, ready for customers and presenting your business at its finest.


Websites Are Not a “Set and Forget”

If you don’t have website maintenance carried out monthly, you may actually be throwing money out the window. When visitors go to a website and find things wrong with it, they often don’t stick around. Many website owners never check their website to see how it’s functioning. Missed website issues or downtime can lose you potential customers.


The Benefits of Maintenance

Many people don’t realise the benefits of site maintenance:

The website performance, it’s load time, downtime and uptime, is all dependent on the WordPress software and plugin functioning as they should (and on the recent version). 

The website growth, it’s fresh content, analytics monitoring and design changes, is all dependent on you having someone making sure all updates to the website are done in a smooth and error-free fashion.


Maintenance Workflow

At Titan Blue Australia we take great care to first backup the website, and check the website after our updates for any issues. Our software keeps a record of plugins we update so if there is ever an issue we see what plugin version was changed and revert back. Also included in our monthly maintenance report are the performance and security scans. If in the event we ever catch a plugin issue, it becomes a support ticket and we address it before you ever know there’s a problem.


Dangers of Do It Yourself Maintenance

Maintaining your site yourself could cost you more than you may think. If you just update from your WordPress admin, you wouldn’t have a record of what was done. If an update to a plugin created an issue a couple weeks later, it would be difficult to know what changed and how you should revert back without restoring a very old backup (and possibly losing content changes, sales orders, contact entries, you name it). 


It Costs More to Fix Than to Maintain

Inexperience and neglect can damage the look and functionality of your website. When that happens, you have a choice to make. One, you try and fix it yourself, in which case you may do further damage. Or two, you can then pay the (sometimes hefty) price for someone experienced to fix it. Just like your car, it costs more to fix it than it does to maintain it properly. Regular oil changes help keep your car running properly, regular site maintenance helps keeps your web site running properly.


Call in a Professional

Why not deal with what you know best and let us deal with what we know best? Would you try to fight that court battle without a lawyer? Then why try to maintain your own website if you’re not a web professional? By securing an experienced web professional to update and maintain your site properly you are actually saving potential lost sales and visitors.  

If you’re interested in securing a website care plan for your web site, contact us to learn how we can keep your site in proper working order.

Titan Blue Australia Website Care Plans Starter


Get the basics taken care of with software updates, weekly backups, security scanning, priority support and a monthly maintenance report.

Only $97 per month

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Titan Blue Australia Website Care Plans Professional


For increased peace of mind, opt for daily backups, scanning and fixing of broken links, access to training videos as well as a one-hour monthly coaching call.

Only $177 per month

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Titan Blue Australia Website Care Plans Premium


Your website is in safe hands with all of the benefits of the other plans along with real-time backups, monthly three-hour coaching call and more.

Only $497 per month

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Are you keeping your website protected?

Download our free guide to understand how to keep your website safe and learn about the regular maintenance that your website needs to stay secure.

Website Launch Announcement

We are super excited to launch our brand new Titan Blue Australia website! Sporting a sleek new design and bursting with new services and products, we’re sure you will love it just as much as we do.

Why is Local SEO so important?

Local SEO is a powerful tool for local businesses. People searching local businesses are generally ready to buy.

What is off-page SEO all about?

Off-page SEO is the action you take outside of the page of content you produce to promote in search results. Link building is what it’s all about.

Want to know how we do on-page SEO?

On-page SEO means making sure your content is in the best position to rank for the keyword search term you want it ranking for.

What is Google’s Mobile First Index?

Google will create and rank all of its search listings based on the mobile version of your website for its ranking signals.

Why choose a website care plan?

Just like any software, websites require maintenance to keeping the site working properly. Avoiding website maintenance is like not having regular oil changes on your vehicle. You wouldn’t drive your car very long if you didn’t look after its maintenance, would you?