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Why it’s important to get your business online now

Why It’s Important To Get Your Business Online Now

Online Ecommerce Websites will thrive in the current climate.

Let us get your business online and take it to the next level?

With the current events surrounding COVID-19, more and more businesses are having to shut their doors and cease trading due to government public safety measures.  Such an unfortunate time for all business owners.

Well, is it?  Sure, we have a changing landscape on how we do business during this time, one thing is for sure, if you’re to survive this wave, then your business shouldn’t stop now.

Here at Titan Blue Australia, we have helped many brick and mortar businesses start a business online channel through means of an online shopping website, a mobile application or even a social media marketing campaign to build awareness.  We begin with a free online consultation (using zoom or via telephone) to understand your current business processes.  Once we have assessed the situation, we then move toward putting together a digital strategy plan.

We generally get a business online between 4-8 working days at most.

So if you have a local business, like a restaurant or café, why not consider to offer your wonderful meals as part of a delivery or pick-up service?  As more and more of us are ‘self-isolating’, this gives people the time and opportunity to search the web.  You can offer your customers the ability to order online.  Our ecommerce online store solutions will have you going in no time at all.

What about social media?  About 95% of online users have access to social media accounts.  Updating or creating your social media accounts is crucial to spread the news about your new business service.  Its also a good means to communicate directly with your customers.  Again, we can get your social media accounts organised fast!

Here are some quick links to getting you online today;

  1. Need a Website?
  2. Help me get my products online.
  3. I need to get social with my customers. Please show me how.
  4. I need to reach more customers during this time.
  5. I need the support of a trusted digital service provider.

So why not take advantage of these crazy times by offering your customers a new way to do business online with you?  

Message us today and we can organise a quick call or ZOOM session to get acquainted.

Let Titan Blue Australia help get your business online through this very difficult period and let’s see it through to the other end together.  We are open for ‘business as usual’ so don’t hesitate and call or message us today

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