Register your .AU domain


Secure your .au domain name today and protect your online profile and brand. Register your new AU domain name with Titan Blue and we will take care of the rest. Simply advise us of your current web address and we will secure your .AU equivalent.


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Your exisiting domain names are secure but from 22 September 2022 your equivalent .au domain name can registered by anyone. That means your competitors can start trading on your good name or worse still, cybercriminals might access your customers by pretending to be you.

Secure your .au domain name today to protect your profile and brand.

Here at Titan Blue Australia, we can help you to secure your domain name and offer peace of mind to you and your business.

Purchase your domain name and we will point your new name to your existing website. No need to change email address or update any marketing material (unless you decide to use the new domain name of course).