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We make the impossible possible by developing innovative mobile applications in Sydney that support your website. Nothing is too hard − we’ll turn your ideas into reality.

Our highly skilled developers will gladly help get you to the fore-front using mobile application technology to benefit your business.

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Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile applications are a powerful tool to market and grow your business today.

A mobile application is a software program developed specifically for use on small, wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets.  In our increasingly digital world, mobile applications have gained popularity for obvious reasons.

A well-designed mobile app is much easier to access and use than a full-blown company website.

Mobile apps account for over 50% of all time spent using digital media.

The average consumer has about 30 apps installed on a device and spends about 35 hours using them.

At Titan Blue, we pride ourselves on our creative ability to develop brilliant mobile applications in Sydney.

Focusing on Apple iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile programming, our creative developers will work with you to create a high-quality mobile application that reflects your corporate identity and get to the heart of what your customers want from you whilst looking at their mobile devices.

We will lead you through the entire process from mapping out the concept, to design, develop and get it published on Google Play, Apple App Store and the Windows Store.

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Why do I need a mobile app ?

Really, any business stands to benefit from having a mobile app. If you’re sitting on the fence, here’s a list of compelling reasons to take the plunge:

Building your mobile application

We build all types of mobile applications

Whether you have a great idea for a mobile app or you need some input, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process and get your app published on Google Play, Apple App Store and the Windows Store. We can also integrate your mobile application with your favourite social media channel, such as Facebook, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

Compliment your business and take it to the next level with a mobile application.

case study

Great Southern Hotel
Mobile Application

Device mobile

About the project

The Great Southern Hotel can be found in most major capital cities in Australia.  They are a 4-star hotel establishment that provide the perfect location for both the tourist and business client alike.  The hotel approached us to assist with their website that was being neglected by their previous IT support team.

our approach

We totally redesigned the website with a fresh new look and optimised each page to accommodate the SEO strategy we set in place.  We also luanched a mobile application to captialise the online booking market.  The Great Southern Hotel mobile app boasts information of each hotel in Australia and the ability to make online reservations with each location.

The result

A fast, user-friendly, and mobile-ready web solution.  A great looking mobile application that is easy to use and offers great discounted rates on hotel rooms.  Visit https://greatsouthernhotel.com.au and see what Titan Blue can do for your business today.

simple process = faster delivery

Here's how we work .

Step 1: Design

Let the magic begin

 This is the fun phase where you share you dreams and ideas so we get an idea of where we’re headed. This part of the process is all about creativity and coming up with an initial design that meets your brief and expectations.

Step 2: Develop

Bring your vision to life

We start building your new website.

Throughout this process we’ll take you on a journey and we’ll keep you in the loop. You’ll receive daily updates for your review.

Step 3: Play

Let the excitement build

Working together, we start fine tuning to ensure everything works the way it should. If we’re finalising your website, we’ll make sure it’s SEO-friendly and responsive so it looks great on all devices and browsers.

Step 4: Launch

Time to celebrate

All systems are go and your website or mobile app is launched – can you hear the crowd going wild? But we're not done yet. We’ll train you how to manage your new website or app and you’re ready to change the world.

Step 5: Support

You’re not on your own

Websites are no longer a “set and forget” part of your business. Software is constantly being updated to make your website faster, more secure and more visible to search engines. Why not check out our website care plans ?


With Titan Blue by your side, you know your business is in good hands.