Search Engine Optimisation

Want to improve your Search Engine rankings?

Ever wondered why your site isn’t in Google’s top-10 list?  

Our web sites are well optimised and have every chance of ranking high in popular search engines, making it visible to your potential clients. 

Take it from us, we’re a professional SEO service agency based in Cronulla, Sydney and we’d love to share our results with you.


What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO service is the process of influencing the natural, or organic, search results so your website pages rank well for your chosen keywords.

It is critical to improving your website’s search engine ranking.

Without SEO, your website will not appear in popular search engines thus limiting your business reach and success.  Using keyword analysis and effective information architecture, we leave your competition in the Google dust.

You know, having the best looking website with the most useful content wont help if no one can find it. With over 90% of all internet activity starting with a simple search, SEO helps ensure those sessions that begin with search terms relating to your business, end on your website.

We always strive to have your website appear above your competitors in no time using our proven Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

The dedicated team at Titan Blue always deliver a well optimised websites that have every chance of ranking in popular search engines, making it visible in local search engine results for your potential clients to find you. We are based on ​Cronulla, Sydney


Why do I need SEO ?


Here's how we do it .

Website Launch Announcement

We are super excited to launch our brand new Titan Blue Australia website! Sporting a sleek new design and bursting with new services and products, we're sure you...


We're proud to be a 5-star business.

Simplay Flooring
Simplay Flooring
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This company is highly highly recommended. My two companies Simplayflooring and TimbaFloors are designed/created and maintained by Titan Blue for nearly 4 years. I am so happy with them.

We started from ZERO with their help, we get a remarkable result for our business today, I am so happy with their work,design and timing to handover the done website, evey signle $$ you paid, you will get more return.

Their boss Richie is a very kind person to deal with, had a very good journey with him, He knows what he need to do and always deliver his words.

I was not sure whether to go with him or not at very very begining, as the IT industry has lots of tricks and frauds exist, I worried that they would take my money and not even say goodbay to me, after some research I found that Richie was in local, whenever I need something from him, he always reply promotly. That really make feel safe and confident on him.

These words are not enough to say a big THANK YOU to richie, hope my words would help when you make decision about your website and social media things.
Dark and Pure Clothing
Dark and Pure Clothing
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Great design team and quick turn around on all projects and requests. We have depended on Titan Blue Australia for quite sometime now and we have been doing business for nearly 5 years.

Their web design team is very creative and knowledgeable. With their help we have improved our Google Search results too.

If you want a reliable web design company then look no further! We recommend them 100%.
Zarna Mehta
Zarna Mehta
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Thank you so much Titan Blue Australia for your very professional services. Specially Richie is very kind and responsive. Always ready to answer of any questions.

They made my website super cool exactly as per my expectations and did a amazing SEO and SMM for it. Very Happy with Richie and Titan Blue Australia.
Hydro Plumbing Services
Hydro Plumbing Services
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Great team to deal with. Done a terrific job on my website and they're great with SEO. Highly recommended.

With Titan Blue by your side, you know your business is in good hands.