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Websites for Cafes and Restaurants

Attention café and restaurant owner’s

Do you have the best coffee in town?  Maybe a signature dish that everyone is raving about?

But you don’t have a website or just hate the one you currently have?

Many people these days tend to research places and destinations before making a decision to visit it.  Imagine if your café or restaurant couldn’t be found on the internet or simply lacked the details customers wanted to see?  They would certainly move onto the next place for sure!

Customers are always looking for quick easy ways to find their information.  Searching through Google, customers are looking to find out your location menu and pricing, and trading hours of the business.  This is paramount for any business to have these basic requirements covered off as part of their online strategy.

Remember, most people nowadays will not opt to visit a cafe or a restaurant that does not have its website, which, among other information, contains a menu complete with all the dishes and drinks available. Having a website is very cost-effective – it’s a well-prepared advertisement that runs seven days a week, 24 hours a day! With a website, you are able to target a wider market, not just your local neighbourhood by attracting people passing by your cafe or restaurant.

We will also ensure your website has an online reservation form, which is very handy for customers as everything is nowadays booked online, people are used to it. And it’s free, unlike a phone call.  In addition, we will create your social media strategy to incorporate the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Places. In addition, think of your website as a brochure offering promotions, deals, upcoming events, and provide some attractive photos of your venue. Next, your cafe or restaurant website will be even better if you reserve some space for customers’ ratings and impressions of your food or service. People like to read about the experience of others before they decide whether to go to that particular restaurant or a cafe.

There are many Sydney based web designers who can design and develop your website, but it is important to choose a leader that understands your industry like Titan Blue.

So, don’t let the opportunity slip away.  Contact Titan Blue today and let us create a website to showcase your business.


Let us get your business online and get those customers coming through your doors.  Don’t delay and get in touch with us today.

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